• Jay Crawford

Building A New Home 101

They say home is where the heart is. Well before you set your heart to building your next dream home, understanding the process can make it a smooth endeavor for all parties involved. Following this guide will not only make your new home build go faster, it will make it a fun well thought out project!

STEP 1:Deciding you want to build a home

STEP 2: Make a connection with your bank / lender

STEP 3: Find the land

STEP 4: Get a survey

STEP 5: Consult with an architect

STEP 6: Make initial contact with your builder

STEP 7: Design your home with the architect

STEP 8: Get your builders bid to build the designed home

STEP 9: Make any final changes to the full set of plans

STEP 10: Get building permits

STEP 11: Start the building process

STEP 12: Follow the progress

STEP 13: Enjoy your new home

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